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Welcome to the Swiss SMS Corpus

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The Swiss SMS corpus is one of the results of a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation between 2011 and 2014. Other results of the project are six dissertations as well as an abundance of student papers and publications.

The Swiss SMS corpus consists of 25'947 SMS (~650'000 tokens), which were sent in by the Swiss public in 2009/2010. Of all SMS, 41% are in Swiss German (dialect), 28% in non-dialectal German, 18% in French, 6% in Italian, and 4% in Romansh. More information can be obtained from the documentation page, which is available without registration. If you want to use the corpus, you have to register (for free) and abide by the following conditions:.

These data are freely available for bonafide academic research, but not for commercial use. If you would like to access the corpus, please fill in the Registration form to receive a login. If you request a login, you agree to our conditions, i.e. to:
  • Not use the data for commercial use, i.e. only for bonafide research
  • Quote the source of the data as "Swiss SMS corpus" with the source as shown in the footer of this document and with a link to
Your e-mail address will not be passed on, nor will it be used for any other aim than to keep you informed about changes to the Swiss SMS corpus. If you do not want to receive these occasional information any longer, you can cancel your registration any time.

This corpus would not be here without the following people/institutions, to whom we express our gratitude:

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